Anglais LV1

Thème Ecricome 2006





American show-biz’s starts and top names were off to a quicker start than G. Bush, his together- they descended upon Louisiana right from the start/on the very first days. Those whom comedian Jon Stewart slightly ironically dubs "The Beverly Hills Brigade" beat the regular Marines to it by jumping aboard their private jets/aircrafts and rushing to the rescue of the hurricane victims/casualties.

The actor Sean Penn railed up and down the flooded streets of New Orleans in a bark, rescuing survivors from attics and rooftops while Julia Roberts was delivering diapers and hugging children in Alabama. Television’s most influential woman, Oprah Winfrey, had no qualms about getting her famous friends on board to go and support her own Black American, angry and tearful at the same time/shouting and crying.

In a more ambiguous way/fashion, John Travolta arrived in a plane loaded with supplies/stuffs but chartered by the Church of Scientology. Quick on the start,/draw, the starts were not slow to take out their chequebooks: one million dollars was the minimum/the bottom line. They agreed to attend/appear all TV-events/show to raise funds.


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